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How Do I Qualify?

Our lenders and banks look for two major key factors for the customer (at least one has to be met):

1- Stability:-
a. Reasonable time on the job
b. The more income the better
2- Credit:-
- A decent credit history

What type of documents do I need?

Types of Documents required:

1. Proof of Income:-
a. For W-2 employees, we only need the most recent two pay-stubs.
b. 1099 (Cash) employees, we need 3-6 months bank statements in most cases. (Further documents might be required)
c. Self-employed (Business owners), we need 6 months bank statements in most cases. (Further documents might be required)

2. Proof of Address:-
- Two bills or mail dated within the last 30 days.

3. Identification:-
a. Valid ID card
b. Valid Driver License. (might be required in some cases)

What is the Lowest Interest Rate I can get?

For qualified customers we can get as low as %3.5 APR

Currently in a Bankruptcy program, do I qualify?

For Chapter 7:-
- All we need is the 341 letter (Meeting with creditors letter).

For Chapter 13:-
- A letter from the trustee showing the vehicle's qualifications.

I just had a Repo, Do I qualify?

Yes, in most cases we will be able to get you approved, however, Repo must be at least 90 days old.

I have an open car loan, can I buy another car?

Yes. In most cases we can get you in a second car without a co-signer, however, a co-signer is needed in some situations.

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